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Storage Tips Designed to Keep Your Assets in Check

Looking for secure storage facilities in Garner, IA? Consider storing your inventory at American Eagle Self Storage. You can depend on our quality security methods and reasonable prices for complete storage needs.

Fail-safe ways to keep your belongings in good shape

  • Each unit has concrete floors, which tend to sweat and may damage cardboard boxes. We suggest placing your boxes on wood pallets to protect them from damage.

  • Find boxes and anything else you'll need for storage before bringing in your items.

  • Keep a list of all the items you have stored, so you'll know where to find everything.

  • Leave some space for good ventilation.

  • Leave a walkway so you can easily access your items, no matter where they are placed in the unit.

  • Keep frequently used items closer to the door.

  • Wrap electronics and furniture in plastic or linen.

  • Keep fragile items in safe places and mark them as “fragile”.

  • Store sofas and mattresses at the back of the unit.  

  • Wipe metal items with a rag containing a few drops of oil to prevent rusting.  

  • Wrap mirrors, framed art or pictures in cardboards or Bubble Wrap.

  • Label boxes on all sides so you know what's in them.