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Competitive Prices for Multiple Size Storage Units

Looking for a secure storage facility to stow your possessions? American Eagle Self Storage in Garner, IA has you covered. We've been successfully keeping your assets safe and secure since 2004. Call us at 641-923-0301 to learn more about us.

Sizes and prices

Take advantage of the prepaid method

Do you foresee using our storage facility for an extended time? Make that work to your advantage! Pay for five months in advance, and get the sixth month absolutely FREE! Take a peek into our secure location and storage tips as well.


$34.24 per month


$48.15 per month


$69.55 per month


$20 (returned if unit is left cleaned)

Zone in on the right shape for your priced tangibles

Worried about the safety of your favorite figurines in the storage facility? Don't let that weigh on your conscience anymore. All you have to do is store them in the right unit for the maximum protection against any wear and tear. Call us with any questions you have.


$58.85 per month